Me and My Shadow - memoirs of a cancer survivor.

I am delighted to announce that my memoirs, 'Me and my Shadow - memoirs of a cancer survivor' are planned for publication around October 2022. As with my children's fiction books, they will be published by Austin Macauley.

Writing my memoirs has, in the short term, been a cathartic experience. I hope my work can offer hope and inspiration to anyone, and everyone touched by a cancer diagnosis - sadly, statistically, there is a one in two chance of developing some type of cancer in a lifetime, a truly scary statistic.

I also hope that my memoirs serve as an educational resource to health care professionals, who cannot fully understand the impact of society's greatest fear - a cancer diagnosis. Particularly, the psychological burden that is bestowed upon the individual, unless of course, the health care professional has had a cancer diagnosis.

Today, clinical nurse specialists are there to support the cancer patient, a nurse who can demonstrate a high level of skill, and knowledge. These are complex roles, as I know only too well from my practice – these roles, however, had not been thought of way back in the seventies, when I was the patient.

It is my view, that over and beyond financial support, psychological care is the fundamental element of help that can support patients to navigate the difficult pathway of cancer, and its hidden network of obstacles. Controversially, it is my opinion, that some clinical nurse specialists lack the empathy and the knowledge to undertake these critical roles. 

Surviving survivorship, and becoming one of the longest-living cancer survivors, is now the lifelong project that I continue to work at. In many respects, despite my advancing years, life is just getting going, and I have so much more that I want to do and achieve. Who knows if I will have time to fulfil it all, but I intend to give it my best shot. I am humbled, realizing my good fortune to still be around today, talking of my experience, Life truly is sweet.