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Cloudy Mountain


The Kingdom of Huckleberry Jam.
(Autumn 2024)

She stood there as if frozen in time, gazing straight at him; covered from her neck to her feet in a black robe. Just below her wrinkled neck, the robe was pinned together with a sparkling silver half-moon brooch; her green-tinted skin showed signs of decay.
Eyes of a wolf — cunning and flame yellow. Her straw-like hair was infested with lice, while her hooked nose looked like the beak of a hawk. A large black wart sat on top of her upper lip, matching the colour of her teeth, or at least the few she had.”


JULY 2024


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Whether you are building a sherbet-fuelled rocket to head to the moon and discover the REAL reason the Americans went there, building a home-made submarine to search the deepest oceans or, flying to the Arctic Circle in a hand-made balloon to make friends with a Polar Bear called Pyry.


Pattison incites a child-like sense of wonder in readers of all ages. (including those adults who never grew up).

Strange Trips and Weird Adventures

is a remarkable book for remarkable


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Daniel and his best friend Papa head to Splodge City to face Wild Will Hickory Dickory Jock in this hilarious adventure of the Wild West.

Splodge City is being bullied by a band of evil gunslingers who are determined to get their grubby hands on Papa’s black book of magic.

In the corner sat a smelly stranger with bloodshot eyes, which hid a hundred and one dark secrets, Ringo Smarty Farty Pants.

Daniel now stood face to face with Sir Stumpy Slugworm from Spoonstone — their hands twitched in unison, and they both went for their water pistols — SPLOOSH.

But who would be The Fastest Water Pistol in Splodge City?


On their way through the ‘Enchanted Forest,’ Papa tells Daniel about Captain Broderick McCaffery and his evil cut-throat crew – but, the scariest of them all is ‘Crazy Maisie’ an incredibly large and feisty woman, her beady eyes peered out through a wild tangle of matted hair like those of a wolf about to make a kill. The crew claimed that she was at least one hundred and fifty years old; the skull tattooed on her right cheek was proof that she was indeed possessed by evil.
Then, a single bolt of lightning, like a million volts of electricity screaming in anger – a voice boomed out from the ‘Cave of Eternal Screams.’

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(Coming in 2025)

Lunar Von Buella
the Mystical Mouse from Missoula


Admiral Percival Pigeonforge


Mind-Boggling Stories.

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