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White Structure
Wild Will Hickory Dickory Jock and the Red Ketchup gang try to foil Daniel and Papa.
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White Structure

Strange Trips and Weird Adventures

There is no stronger bond than that between Daniel and his Papa. Together they discover magical adventures, which take them to the absolute edge of danger. Mystical escapades that ooze the intrigue needed to stimulate a child’s imagination. But wherever they go,

they are guaranteed to find trouble!

Whether you’re being taken to the moon in a Sherbet-fuelled rocket to discover the real reason the Americans went there, building a homemade submarine and heading across the world’s deepest oceans, or flying to the Arctic Circle in an airship and befriending a polar bear called Preston - Pattison incites a child-like sense of wonder in readers of all ages.

Strange Trips and Weird Adventures is a remarkable book for remarkable children. 


Blenkinsop Blabbermouth and the Ghost of Broderick McCaffery

On their way through the ‘Enchanted Forest,’ Papa tells Daniel about Captain Broderick McCaffery and his evil cut-throat crew – but, the scariest of them all is ‘Crazy Maisie’ an incredibly large and feisty woman, her beady eyes peered out through a wild

tangle of matted hair like those of a wolf about to make a kill. The crew claimed that she was at least one hundred and fifty years old; the skull tattooed on her right cheek was proof that she was indeed possessed by evil.


Then, a single bolt of lightning, like a million volts of electricity screaming in anger – a voice boomed out from the ‘Cave of Eternal Screams.’

But, to protect his treasure, McCaffery had the help of 'Sidero' a sly slithering snake with fiery red eyes filled with torment, a forked tongue that flicked in and out and two bloodthirsty, razor-sharp fangs. Daniel must now fight the evil snake!

Blenkinsop Blabbermouth and the Ghost of Broderick McCaffery is no ordinary pirate story, it is littered with intrigue, mystery and of course evil magic.


The Fastest Water Pistol in Splodge City. (Early 2024)

The wicked 'Wild Will Hickory Dickory Jock is causing a riot in Splodge City!


Daniel and Papa head to the western town of Splodge City and, thanks to Sheriff Quiet Twerp take on Wild Will and his

dastardly gang, including Rattlesnake ‘Flat Nose’ Rogers and Spike ‘The Fool’ Gooseberry from the red ketchup gang.

Then, the greatest fight since the OK Corral takes place in the ‘Ace of Spades Saloon.’ Papa’s hand was twitching, ready

to draw. Then — SPLOOSH!

The gunfight that makes the fight at OK Coral look like child's play.


Esmerelda and the Kingdom of Huckleberry Jam (Summer 2024)

“Careful not to show his fear, Daniel stood up and there she was right there in front of him, the most exquisitely horrid-looking woman he had ever seen.

She stood there as if frozen in time, gazing straight at him; covered from her neck to her feet in a black robe. Just below her wrinkled neck, the robe was pinned together with a sparkling silver half-moon brooch; her green-tinted skin showed signs of decay.


Eyes of a wolf — cunning and flame yellow. Her straw-like hair was infested with lice, while her hooked nose looked like the beak of a hawk. A large black wart sat on top of her upper lip, matching the colour of her teeth, or at least the few she had.”


Daniel, a Warlock, and a Mouse called Lunar Von Buella (Christmas 2024)

Daniel comes face to face with an evil Warlock of the Underworld, named Zagan. This beast is determined to destroy the American dream - he has Lunar Von Buella, a mouse from Missoula, under his wicked spell.

The figure was dressed in a long black cloak, and when he raised his head, Lunar was shocked at the horribly grotesque features of this unknown being. His skin had wrinkle upon wrinkle, between the wrinkles were large black warts, and his lips were a lifeless blue, proof that he had, indeed, no soul. His long, pointed nose dripped with watery snot, and his eyes were a blazing red, his piercing gaze trained on Lunar Von Buella. As the mouse swallowed he noticed the stranger's mouth was filled with rotten teeth and a tongue the same colour as his eyes: blood-red. His greasy, matted hair was infested with lice.

The warlock swiftly moved his decaying right hand, pulled his jewelled dagger from his belt, held it high and called out in a hideous voice, ‘We are going to destroy the American Dream, my little rodent companion!’

The mouse cowered in his seat, replying, ‘I … erm, I have to get … erm, back to erm, Gloomsville, sir.’


Stretchy Stories to make the Mind Boggle. (2025)

A work in progress.......


Magic football boots.
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