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Sphere on Spiral Stairs

After many obstacles were placed in its path, I am delighted to announce that Blenkinsop Blabbermouth and the Ghost of Broderick McCaffery is now available to a worldwide market.

Daniel and Papa set off on a brand-new adventure, in search of the legendary treasure of Captain Broderick McCaffery. But as you would expect with our two adventurer's things don't always go to plan and trouble lies just ahead!

As they trek through the cave of lost souls, it would appear that someone or something is watching their every move. They travel into an enchanted forest only to be confronted by a fierce crocodile, then fly on the back of a giant condor before helping Ernest, the rarest of rare custard elephants.

Papa tells Daniel of McCaffery's evil cutthroat crew of Jelly Belly Johnson, Smelly Scruffbags Samuels and the Captain's wife 'Crazy Maisie, the scariest of them all; an incredibly large and feisty woman, her beady eyes peered out through a wild tangle of matted hair like those of a wolf about to make a kill.


Eventually, they reach the cave of eternal screams as the delicate sound of thunder calls out their names and they have to confront the captain.

The book all, 8 to 12-year-olds have been waiting for....

ITV Tyne Tees television feature:  

South Shields grandad who was diagnosed with 'incurable' cancer at 18 publishes children's book | ITV News Tyne Tees

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