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November 2023 


It’s a question each and every one of us has tossed around our minds at some point – why are we here?

Naturally, your views, opinions and philosophical theories will depend a lot upon your personal belief systems. No one can claim to know the answer, but clearly, if you have a firm religious belief, then your view is likely to be influenced by the thought of an afterlife. For me, yes, I have (and continue) to ponder that ageless question, however, (and it is only my opinion), religion does not stand up against science. Moreover, at the risk of denigrating anyone’s religious perspective, I fully recognise and respect your view, but, equally, I would expect that my atheist viewpoint is also respected.

So, as we get older each day, I find myself reflecting more and more on the life that one day will just pass me by. But, importantly, I am so appreciative of a life rich in its tapestry and the unexpected twists and turns that took me to the brink of death on more than one occasion.


My career in nursing (exclusively in cancer services) is something that I am very proud of and, being completely honest and transparent, something I miss every day. Yet today, in retirement, I have a new focus that brings incredible reward – writing children’s fiction, which is inspired by my five-year-old (six-years-old on Christmas day), grandson, Daniel. And, although financially, I remain in the red, just knowing that I am delivering reading pleasure to children is a reward in itself. I have visited a number of schools in my local North of England (and intend to continue offering this free service) and to see children engrossed in your stories is just beyond words.

Starting in the same year of my retirement (2021), I independently published ‘Strange Trips and Weird Adventures,’ which was followed the following year by ‘Blenkinsop Blabbermouth and the Ghost of Broderick McCaffery.’ However, publishing independently is not always a smooth road as publishers, eager to take your hard-earned pounds, do very little to polish the work you so proudly present and this was definitely evident with my second publication. Even my untrained eye could spot mistake after mistake and it soured somewhat that process. In life, however, we must learn from mistakes and my third book, ‘The Fastest Water Pistol in Splodge City,’ which I am very thrilled about is due for publication (through a different publisher) in early 2024. But, even that has not been a smooth trajectory.

So, only a few weeks ago I was delighted (a big understatement) to be offered a traditional book publishing deal with Scorpius Books. We anticipate that ‘Esmeralda and the Kingdom of Huckleberry Jam’ will be published in the summer of 2024. Following that, (Christmas 2024) I hope to deliver ‘Shadow of a Warlock - Daniel saves the American Dream.

However, I do not intend to stop there, I am currently working on ‘Christmas on the Moon and other Elastic Adventures.’ A further two manuscripts (one already started) are then planned for 2025/26. The key ingredients of all my stories are escapism, intrigue and of course magic – their success is founded on the dreams and aspirations of children across the globe to achieve the impossible.

Concluding this blog; our future is uncertain; no one knows what lies ahead, what fate has planned. Therefore, live life fully, enjoy it as if each day were your last, one day it will be, and you should have no remorse to leave behind.

Therefore, whatever your belief, never look back on your life unless you are prepared to smile and be reflective, never look forward unless you can dream – we all need dreams and we all need hope.

This particular blog is dedicated to children all around the world, “Study hard and play even harder – seek out your dreams, because dreams do come true.”

John Walker Pattison

Award winning author of untold inspiration.


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